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Do electric fires give off much heat?

On a cold winter night, darkness fell early even before you got home. The house is cold, and you want to get warm quickly. You get settled in, turn on the TV, turn on the fire, but wait… It's an electric fire. Does this electric fire give off heat? Will it be able to warm the room? Well, that is what we are going to discover today.


Ten reasons you should get an electric fire

With so many options available, choosing a fireplace for your home can be an overwhelming process. A fireplace serves many purposes in your home and is therefore an important investment for which many considerations must be made. From traditional fuel-burning fireplaces like wood or gas, to modern alternatives like electric fireplaces, it can be difficult to know which is best. Overall, we believe that electric fireplaces are the ideal choice for anyone seeking a new fireplace for their home.

Can you mount a TV above an electric fireplace?

You’ve been scrolling Instagram and Pinterest and seen loads of amazing media centres with a TV above an electric fireplace looking amazing, but what do you need to consider when mounting a TV above a fire? Feature walls with a TV above a fireplace are really popular right now, they look great and save space making the room look and feel bigger. A media centre means you don’t need to split your best focus points, your TV, and your amazing fire, you can put them both on a feature wall. This can easily be done yourself as a DIY project but you do need to consider how you do this.

Design for comfort, how an electric fire makes your home a sanctuary

Adding an electric fire can make your home a warm and comforting sanctuary, and as we spend more time working from home, you can make your home a sanctuary with one of our comforting bespoke electric fires

False chimney breast FAQs

So you may have a dozen questions. Some may seem silly, some complicated. The thought of getting a brand new luxury fire, built elegantly into a media wall has to be an experience you’re looking forward to. The end result is going to be one you can’t wait to share with friends and your social media followers… and if we’re being honest, make them all jealous of your new cool set up.

Fireplace in focus - Bespoke Panoramic 1500 3DP

The Bespoke Panoramic 1500 3DP is one of our BEST SELLING electric fires and it’s easy to see why with its sleek design, customisable fuel beds, and other options.


Are electric fireplaces noisy?

Electric fireplaces create the illusion of a warm, flickering fire without there being any actual burning fuel or flames. To create the realistic flames and heat output of an actual fireplace, electric fireplaces use internal mechanisms such as rotating lights and air blowers. Due to these mechanisms, all electric fireplaces will produce some level of noise; which is very minimal.

How to clean your electric fireplace

Compared to traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces require little effort to keep them clean and running safely. Without a real fire or burning fuel, electric fireplaces produce no harmful byproducts like the ash or smoke that a traditional fireplace produces. However, it may still be necessary to clean your electric fireplace occasionally to keep it in best condition.


How big of a room will an electric fireplace heat?

What size room an electric fireplace can heat will depend on the particular model’s heating element. An electric fireplace with a fan-forced heater can efficiently heat a room of up to 400 square feet in size. Electric fireplaces with infrared technology can heat larger rooms to 1000 square feet in size.

Does an electric fireplace add value to a home?

Electric fireplaces are fastly becoming the most popular option when it comes to fireplace installation. They can be installed anywhere providing there is a suitable power source, create no harmful emissions, are 100% energy efficient and come in so many different styles that there is one out there for every aesthetic or preference.


Does an electric fireplace have a flame?

An electric fireplace does not have a flame. Electric fireplaces instead create the illusion of a real burning flame using one of several mechanisms; this could either be an LED bulb shining on a series of mirrors, an LED bulb and water vapor, or a digital screen. Electric fireplaces also typically contain a heating element to further mimic a real flame by enabling the unit to produce heat. Overall, this gives an electric fireplace a highly realistic look and feel without having any actual flame


Gas or electric fireplaces: which is best?

In the process of choosing a new fireplace for your home, you may be weighing up between a gas or electric fireplace. There are several different aspects to consider when deciding which fireplace would be best, such as safety, running costs, and energy efficiency.

What is the most eco-friendly fireplace?

Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces produce no fire, no smoke, and no other gas byproducts. In addition to this, electric fireplaces do not require any combustible fuels or real flames to produce heat. All of these elements of traditional fireplaces are replaced with the electrical components of the electric fireplace.

Can you install an electric fireplace into a real fireplace?

Making the switch from a traditional fuel-burning fireplace to an electric fireplace is not as difficult a process as you may think. Electric fireplaces are one of the easiest appliances to install, as well as being cheaper to run and easier to maintain than traditional fireplaces. You can install an electric fireplace into a real fireplace, regardless of whether it has a functioning chimney. Electric fireplaces do not require this type of ventilation as they don’t burn real fuel, nor do they produce smoke. All you need is enough space in the firebox to place the unit, along with an available electric power source nearby to provide it with electricity to run.


Do electric fireplaces need a vent?

Using a realistic flame effect and a heating element, electric fireplaces reproduce every desirable aspect of a real fireplace. They can look and feel exactly like a real fireplace, having a flickering, 3D flame, and giving off tangible heat. This may make you question whether an electric fireplace needs a vent or chimney like a real fireplace would too.

Do I need a fireplace in my new home?

A fireplace is a key feature often left out of new build properties due to advances in central heating technology. Even so, despite not being a practical necessity, many feel as though they still need a fireplace in their new home


Are electric fires safe for pets and children?

As homes evolve with modern amenities, many families are turning to electric fires as a stylish and convenient heating solution. But for those with playful pets and curious children, one question often arises: Are electric fires safe for pets and children? At Bespoke Fireplaces, we are known for our elegant and custom-designed heating solutions, and we would like to shed light on this important query for all parents and pet owners.

How energy efficient is an electric fireplace?

With the current state of the world, being conscientious of your home’s energy usage has never been more important. Whether it’s rising energy bills, your home’s environmental impact, or both, there’s a lot more to be concerned about these days. As such, these considerations must be made when choosing the heat source for your home. You may be left wondering which type of fireplace offers the most energy efficiency and flexibility in their energy consumption.

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