Bespoke in the Community

Bespoke in the Community: Igniting Change Beyond Fireplaces

In a world where community support is more vital than ever, Bespoke Fireplaces stands at the forefront, embodying the spirit of giving and compassion. Here are some heart-warming instances where Bespoke has extended its hands to make a difference:

Fighting 2b Heard Foundation:

During a captivating live auction on our social media platforms, we showcased our legendary Bespoke Panoramic electric fire, igniting bids and passions alike. Each bid resonated with purpose as every penny contributed to the Fighting 2b Heard Foundation. This remarkable organisation not only raises awareness but also provides invaluable financial support to individuals grappling with incurable secondary breast cancer. It's an honour for Bespoke to stand alongside these resilient women, offering unwavering support and admiration.

Knowsley Business Awards:

The glitz and glamour of the Knowsley Business Awards beckoned our team in November 2023 and we answered the call with pride. Amidst the festivities, our team eagerly participated in raffles and donations, contributing generously to the Mayor of Knowsley’s Charity Fund. This noble cause, in collaboration with Breast Mates (registered charity No. 1171678) and Knowsley Central School – a hub of specialised provision for pupils aged between 3 and 14 with complex needs – symbolises our commitment to nurturing our community’s well-being, education and inclusivity.

Kirkby Christmas Crusade:

The holiday season radiates with warmth and joy, and Bespoke Fireplaces ensures that every child in our community feels its embrace. Partnering with the Kirkby Christmas Crusade, we spread festive cheer by donating over 500 selection boxes. Local to our flagship showroom in Knowsley, our dedicated team including one of our talented stonemasons, embarked on a mission to ensure no child misses out on the magic of meeting Santa. As the crusade, adorned with beloved characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Elsa and of course the man himself Santa, traverses the streets of Knowsley, we take great pride in knowing that we have helped create cherished memories and spread the spirit of Christmas far and wide.

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