Luxury electric fires

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our electric fires. Ideal for contemporary homes, our electric fires offer efficient heating solutions without compromising on design. Experience the ease of installation and maintenance, along with a variety of stunning styles to suit any interior.

Our award-winning range of Bespoke electric fireplaces is guaranteed to take your home to the next level.

The slimline (S) range is perfect to combine with a luxury marble suite or insert into an existing chimney breast.

The Panoramic 3DP Range is host to our LUMIN™ flame technology with a range of features and functions, creating the best-selling Panoramic fire with over 10,000 combinations.

The Panoramic X range is the ultimate in electric fire luxury. Controlled via app, remote or touch control. The latest LED Smouldering embers feature along with a deep fuel bed and crackling fire speaker options make the Bespoke Panoramic X electric fire the ultimate choice for the discerning home-owner.

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Panoramic X 1250 (2024 model)


Panoramic X 1500 (2024 model)


Panoramic X 2000 (2024 model)


Panoramic X 3000 (2024 model) "The world's largest electric fire"


Panoramic 3DP 700


Panoramic 3DP 1250


Panoramic 3DP 1500


Panoramic 3DP 2000


Panoramic S 700 (2024 model)


Panoramic S 1000 (2024 model)


Panoramic S 1300 (2024 model)


Panoramic S 2000 (2024 model)


Panoramic X 2500 (2024 model)


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