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Welcome to our Inspiration section, where each home tells a unique story through the warmth and style of a bespoke fireplace. Our 'Inspirational Page' section is a showcase of real homes across the country, each featuring one of our exquisite fireplace designs. It’s not just about how they look; it’s about how they make a home feel.


Featuring a newly built property in Lydiate, Merseyside, with two distinctive fireplace setups. A 75-inch TV and a bespoke Panoramic 2000 fireplace to create a 'pyramid effect' in the main living area.

The fireplace incorporates a unique Brazilian fossil stone, Titanium Galaxy, highlighting the trend of using exclusive materials in home design.



Redeveloped by Pat and his family, showcasing unique design and luxurious elements. The home includes a Bespoke Panoramic 700 fireplace in a media wall, emphasising modern interior aesthetics, and functionality.

The use of titanium galaxy leather quartzite marble for shelves and acoustic panels for the wall highlights a trend in using unique, high-quality materials for interior design. The property is decorated with wildlife sculptures and waterfalls, blending natural elements with modern living spaces.

Close up
Marble and Pannels

Knowsley, Merseyside

Lauren and her partner chose a bespoke Panoramic 700 fireplace, emphasising a striking feature wall. The wall includes acoustic slat walling wrapped in premium stone and marble. A massive 98-inch TV is combined with the fireplace, set in a wall with acoustic paneling, porcelain tile, neutral colours, and stone and gold trim.The seating area features 15-foot boucle furniture, complementing the home's neutral and gold decor scheme.


Merseyside, Old Vicarage

Jonathan and Claire's home, over 100 years old, modernised with Bespoke Fireplaces. A snug movie room featuring a 75-inch TV and a bespoke Panoramic 2000 fireplace. Decor & features include sports memorabilia, art, and a starry ceiling for a traditional yet modern setup.

High def


Steven and Jayne's deluxe home in Knowsley Village, Merseyside, features a complete rebuild, covering 8,500 square feet. The home includes a unique tunnel fire in an open-plan kitchen, separating the living area and kitchen, with two Panoramic 2000s fireplaces on either side.

The design integrates texture paint complementing the room colours, an indoor swimming pool, a deluxe home cinema, and a gymnasium.

two side

Knowsley, Merseyside

The conservatory transformation installation of a Bespoke Panoramic 1500s fireplace revolutionises a conservatory space.A 65-inch TV paired with the fireplace creates a harmonious media wall with a stunning overhang feature. The project inspires with creative use of space and decor, turning a conservatory into a primary living area.

Living room

The Master Bedroom

Steven and Jayne sought a striking feature for their grand bedroom, emphasising the need for a focal point. They chose the low-profile Lazio Suite, ideal for flat wall installation, accompanied by a 75-inch TV, ensuring the fireplace acts as a central feature. The room includes a custom-built bed with matching stone for the headboard and skirting, enhanced with LED lighting for ambiance.

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