Fireplace in focus - Bespoke Panoramic 1500 3DP

The Bespoke Panoramic 1500 3DP is one of our BEST SELLING electric fires and it’s easy to see why with its sleek design, customisable fuel beds, and other options.

Updated on 01/03/2024

With an electric fire, you are guaranteed full control over heat settings and safety, with the bespoke Panoramic 1500 3DP you can guarantee to make your friends and family jealous with its stylish 3D design and extra features.

Bespoke Electric Fireplace

The Panoramic 1500 3DP electric fireplace is made in the UK bespoke to you. Choose from multiple colour options and fuel beds to create over 1000 different customisable options.

You can control your fire with a handy remote control that has 2 heat settings, a 7-day timer, and a cool setting so you can enjoy this fire all year round.

Electric fireplaces are a safer and environmentally friendly option than gas, you can install an electric fireplace yourself with no need for a corgi-registered gas fire specialist, just fit into your home and plug it in.

Electric fires can save you a lot of money, not just on installation but also ongoing. In the Autumn months when the weather is still mild, you can delay turning the central heating on and just warm up your living spaces with an electric fire. In winter months you can control the heat settings with the 2 heat options of the Bespoke Panoramic 1500 3DP, 800W & 1600W.

It’s clear to see why the Panoramic 1500 3DP is one of our best-selling fires, full control, and a fireplace unique to you.

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