Spare Parts

Keep your bespoke fireplace in top condition with our comprehensive range of spare parts. From essential components to specialised accessories, order precisely what you need to maintain the beauty and functionality of your unique fireplace. Easy ordering, reliable delivery.

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Clear Gems


White Pebbles


Large Gems


Smoked Gems


Front Glass


Flame LED


Heater Blower Combo


Spindle Monitor


RC Sensor






Remote Control (excluding 3DP)


British Woodland Logs - Oak


British Woodland Logs - Luxe


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Panoramic 3DP 2000


(H) 540mm x (W) 1965mm x (D) 332mm

Panoramic X 1500 (2024 model)


(H) 539mm x (W) 1494mm x (D) 332mm

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