Wooden Wall Panels

Discover the elegance of bespoke fireplaces complemented by wooden wall panels. Our exclusive collection blends contemporary design with classic warmth, offering a sophisticated focal point for any home. Explore unique, handcrafted solutions tailored to your style.

Crafted from wood veneers and an acoustic felt backing for enhanced durability, our elegant acoustic panels make it easy to transform any space into a modern masterpiece. Our simple DIY installation design means you can enjoy a stunningly effective design solution with minimal effort.

Acoustic panels are designed to reduce noise levels and eliminate echoes in a room. It works by absorbing sound waves and preventing them from reflecting off hard surfaces. This can help to create a more pleasant and less noisy environment.

Choose the perfect color scheme from our range of Black Oak, Silver Birch, Natural Oak, and Walnut Acoustic Panels to effortlessly enhance your existing interior color palette and transform your space into a haven of style. If you can't decide which colour best complements your decor, why not order a sample? Available online now! (

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Acoustic Panels MEGA SALE


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Acoustic Panels MEGA SALE


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